Our Partners

DSO Hygiene Excellence

DSO Hygiene Excellence have started a National Organization to redefine and elevate the profession of Dental Hygiene in DSO Dental Offices across the nation.

Their goals are to: 

  • Build leaders who understand the business side of dentistry in order to elevate patient outcomes,
  • Realize the asset of having a vision driven Dental Hygiene practice inside the DSO, based on oral health as an extension of overall health and
  • Develop Dental Hygienists that see themselves as a part of a team that facilitates positive interactions with staff members and patients. 


Patient prism is an artificial Intelligence enabled call tracking platform that quickly and predictably enhances new patient acquisition at dental practices.


Dee Fischer is CEO of Fischer Professional Group and has decades of experience growing DSOs helping doctors create systems, accountability, and passion in the workplace. She has been an integral part of several DSOs’ exponential growth, guiding the operations and HR management to scale to larger organizations

Dee helps practice owners construct state-of-the-art locations, providing a seamless and fun experience while delivering a remarkable turn-key project on time and within budget.


We’re introducing a better way to practice law, and a smarter way to do business.

It happens to many professionals: you study and excel in your area of expertise. But when you open your own company, you encounter a whole realm of business, legal and financial disciplines that you’re not prepared to handle alone. The law firm of ByrdAdatto was formed for one simple reason: to help business and health care professionals navigate the complicated maze of business and health care legal issues that come with owning a successful business. You take care of business. We take care of you.


TUSK Partners is the dental industry-leading M&A Advisory Firm with over 50 years of combined experience. We can help you define a road map of goals and milestones that will take you to the finish line successfully.

McGregor & Oblad PLLC

In a word, McGregor & Oblad PLLC is “unique” because we take a fresh approach to legal representation. Our practice is held together by focusing on the client experience. Each attorney believes that each client deserves to be treated like our only client and that the relationship should be guided by a fee structure that aligns with our client’s interests.


SMC specializes in creating marketing systems for emerging DSOs and group practices. Their process offers proven systems that measure ROI and predictable patient flow in order to streamline your group practice and help clear the noise that is preventing you from seeing true growth. They’ll be your guide through the long dark tunnel of your everyday and show you what it looks like on the other side.


Natscent unites the lastest technology with the sought-after world of luxury and fragrance to bring beautiful experiences into your life! 

With their high-end diffusers and inspiring fragrances, you can use the power of smell and aromatherapy to create the mood and atmosphere of your choice, anywhere in your home.