Expanding GPS Dental to 75 Locations through Acquisitions and Savvy Real Estate Tactics

Embark on a journey with the visionary Dr. Hunter Smith, CEO of GPS Dental, as we uncover the keystones of scaling a dental service organization to an impressive 75 locations. In a candid conversation, Dr. Smith shares the insider's playbook on real estate strategies, the often underappreciated complexity of balancing clinical excellence with the intricacies of accounting and marketing, and the underestimated power of partnership in an industry prone to solitude. 

Strap in as we tackle the real-talk of group dentistry's financial challenges, operational efficiency, and the creation of a durable business model, especially when economic tremors shake the foundations. Dr. Smith's evolution from dentist to business mogul is a masterclass in leadership, team building, and adaptation. Managing the dance between accessibility and personal endeavors, he reveals how a focus on mergers and acquisitions can fuel growth amidst the headwinds of macroeconomic shifts. For a compelling blend of professional growth tales and actionable business insights, this episode is your front-row seat to the industry's pulse.

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