John Demma’s Journey into Healthcare and Business Growth

This episode illuminates the fascinating journey of John Demma, currently the COO of Lightwave Dental, who parlayed his childhood lessons from his parents' restaurant into an impressive career. We get to hear about his early days, his rigorous work ethic shaped by his upbringing, and how he managed to maneuver his way from managing a mattress store chain to making waves in the dental industry.

In a world where success is often perceived as linear, John Demma's story is a testament to the power of pushing limits and embracing change. His transition into healthcare offers insights into the consolidation of the veterinary industry, the effects of interest rate hikes on acquisitions, and the current state of the real estate market. He also shares his experiences in growing Lightwave Dental, flipping from 80/20 acquisitions to 20/80 DeNovo's, and the vital role of having the right team to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors.

This episode doesn't only revolve around business growth and market trends. It also takes a peek inside John's appearance on American Ninja Warrior, giving us a glimpse of his competitive side and his approach towards hiring decisions. It's a testament to his perseverance and his willingness to fight for the right person. Furthermore, we delve into John's passion project, Lightweight Dental, and how he managed to make it a success despite being a newcomer in the field. This episode is a rich blend of real-life stories, lessons on resilience, and a peek into the dynamic world of the dental industry. Listen in to gain a unique perspective on business growth, team building, and successfully navigating change.

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