Part 1 of Deciphering the Nexus of Healthcare and Real Estate: a Conversation with Ryan Mingus

Are you curious about the intersection of healthcare and real estate? Join us in part one of our interview as sRyan Mingus, managing director at Tusk Partners, unravels the complexities of this dynamic sector. We traverse the journey from his humble beginnings in dentistry to his first-hand experiences of the Great Financial Crisis and COVID-19's impact on healthcare. The intricate dance of private equity, mergers, acquisitions and how they sculpt the healthcare landscape will be laid bare before you. We'll also take a detour to 2008, examining the parallels between then and now.

Brace yourself as we plunge into the fascinating dynamics of economy and dentistry. Discover how 2021's low interest rates and high demand for adult orthodontics spurred the industry, only to be thwarted by rising interest rates in 2022. We dissect the repercussions on DSO valuations, and the ripple effects on deal structures and commercial real estate sales. Through it all, find out how sellers are holding out and what the future may hold for price stabilization. So, fasten your seat belts for a thrilling exploration of healthcare real estate.

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