Pioneering Full Arch Dental Solutions and Mastering Patient-Centric Growth Strategies

From a pivot out of the rental car industry to a visionary in dental solutions, Greg Essenmacher of GNA Consult joins me, Austin Herr, to share his trailblazing journey in revolutionizing full arch dental procedures. Together, we unravel the emotional impact of these transformative dental treatments on patients and the unique strategies Greg employs to scale healthcare practices through savvy real estate maneuvers. Witness the power of building meaningful industry relationships and how they've become Greg’s secret weapon in carving out success in the competitive world of full arch dentistry.

Strap in for a deep dive into the business of smiles as we scrutinize the marketing finesse required to integrate fixed full arch dentistry into a thriving practice. We dissect the direct-to-consumer approach, emphasizing the necessity of nurturing trust and the substantial investments involved in patient acquisition. The conversation spotlights the delicate balance of amplifying clinic revenue without overshadowing the essence of general dentistry and the critical systems needed to curate a seamless patient journey – from lead to final consultation.

Lastly, we explore the patient's path post-commitment, where third-party financing and follow-up strategies come into play. Greg imparts his wisdom on keeping patients engaged during the interim of decision and surgery, addressing the unique obstacles for those new to dental care or with fragmented dental health management. Insights into how Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) weave full-arch procedures into their fabric provide a glimpse into evolving market dynamics. Peek behind the curtain of full-arch therapy and see what it takes to fortify a dental practice's approach to not just change smiles but to elevate its market presence to unprecedented levels.

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